Portraits of Senegal

Captivating images of offbeat moments on the streets of Senegal.

Anthony Kurtz is an award-winning photographer based in Berlin, Germany. In this photojournalistic series plainly named “Senegal Street Photography”, Kurtz took the opportunity to shoot emotive portraits of the people he met during his travels between the city of Dakar and the remote town of Dindefelo.

According to Kurtz, “I volunteered with an organisation in the U.S. that sends high school kids to Senegal to do community work in the hopes of making a difference and experiencing something out of the norm.”

Anthony Kurtz Senegal Portraiture

While working with a humanitarian group in the area, the photographer decided to make a personal project of the moments he observed when he was off-duty. Kurtz made a celebration of the offbeat scenes he came across on the streets of Senegal – from capturing a group of inquisitive children to an earnest woman working on a local farm.

The photographer documented these everyday moments in cinematic style. Alternating between a handheld strobe light and natural daylight, Kurtz created atmospheric portraits of the people he encountered during the 3-week trip, conveying their character with no persuasive message or intention behind it.

“It is sometimes hard to convince people that your are taking these pictures because of your love for people and places with, what I define as, true character. I'm very glad I didn't give up and I want to thank those who agreed to let me photograph them. I made sure people in Dindefelo received copies of their portraits and I hope they enjoy looking at them,” writes the photographer.

Anthony Kurtz Senegal Portraiture