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Online Advertising

Advertisers can place web banners on the home page, content pages or run-of-site, on a month-to-month basis or CPM (per 1000 impressions). Sponsors have the opportunity to underwrite content series, for example custom-produced original design video series, or specific sections of the website. Pre- or post-roll video ads can also run on all our Conference Talks. We also run editorial and video advertorials on design-related content promotions.

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Website Content

Over the past few months, has undergone a radical overhaul. The website now functions as a comprehensive design portal for news, feature articles, image galleries, conference talks, original video series and more. With already more than 3 000 pieces of content relating to the South African and international design industry, and over 600 bespoke videos, the website positions Design Indaba in the international arena as a powerful global player.

Online Audience received over 700 000 visits in 2014 (542 000 unique) and 1.8-million pageviews. People spend an average of 3 minutes on the site. The visitors are representative of 224 countries, with the most traffic being from South Africa (40%), followed by Europe (16%), the United States (14%), and the United Kingdom (7%), with niches in India, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Kenya, Mexico and Japan. Our audience profile fits into LSMs 8 to 10. Overall, the site receives 25% direct traffic, 15% from social channels, 9% from referring sites and 48% through organic search.

In addition to the website, Design Indaba's online presence is felt across social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest and Instagram, as well as two mobile apps, the Design Indaba video app and the Design Indaba Festival app.

Web Strategy

The strategy is to spread the impact and values of the Design Indaba brand throughout the year, which are fundamentally to grow design, to inspire and to drive a better world through creativity. The website allows Design Indaba to spread its impact globally, reaching people who are unable to attend Design Indaba events, reinforcing fraternity within the creative industries and increasing local awareness of high-quality, impactful design.


Design Indaba is a member of the IAB South Africa. ranked 152 worldwide in the February 2015 audit.


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