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Design Indaba invites designers and writers to contribute to our online platform. is an online platform that shares stories and news about design projects that make the world better through creativity. While we cover design news from across the globe we are particularly interested in design-related stories from Africa and stories that highlight the social impact of design.

We are interested in representing a diversity of voices and topics on these subjects. We want to hear from you.


I am a designer

We now accept applications to join the Designer Directory. If you think your design business profile should sit alongside the world's best designers and creative firms, sign up now.

Have you recently completed a new project? Or do you know of a design-related story that needs telling? Share it with our audience by submitting your work or story idea to our editorial team here. Your contribution can be in any digital format: video, images or project writeup. Please note that your submission will be subject to our editorial policy and won’t automatically be published.

We also accept email submissions to be featured in Product Spotlight.


I am a writer or journalist

If you would like to pitch a story, please email us along with your CV and three examples of recent articles you’ve written to editorial[at]

We are especially interested in contributions from Africa as well as well-argued opinion and analysis pieces, engaging profiles, stories that highlight the social impact of design and accessible features on the business of design and creative entrepreneurship.


Content and style

Topics covers an array of design topics and creativity fields. See the full list on our topics page.

Voice and tone

Design Indaba’s style is conversational and informative. While we aim to be accessible, we treat our audience as people who are in the know. Our writing tone is friendly, optimistic and energetic. We advocate for the power of creativity and design but are never pious or preachy. We have a distinct point of view, articulated in an engaging, intelligent and witty voice.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at editorial[at]



I want to work for you!

Design Indaba's Cape Town office currently has the following positions available:

Editorial intern

Design Indaba regularly offers paid, three-month research and writing internships. Please send your CV, samples of your writing and a short motivation to editorial[at]