About Design Indaba

Design Indaba is a multifaceted platform committed to a better world through creativity.

Design Indaba inspires and empowers people to create a better future through design and creativity. We are an online publication (designindaba.com) with an annual Festival and social impact, Do Tank.

Design Indaba has become a respected institution on the global creative landscape, based on the foundation of our annual Festival that has attracted and showcased the world’s brightest talent since 1995. We have broadened our through-the-year offering with our online design publication that features the best of the world's creativity and attracts over half a million visitors each year. Through these channels we champion noteworthy design, facilitate and produce creative projects, support creative businesses and run educational initiatives.


Designindaba.com is our online design publication that embodies how creativity and the design sectors are actively driving a better world. It has taken the place of the award-winning print version, Design Indaba Magazine, which was published from 2001 to 2011.

Our focus is African and global creativity, through the lens of the work and ideas of leading thinkers and doers, opinion formers, trendsetters and industry experts.

In conjunction with Design Indaba’s foray into Africa at the 2014 Expo with the Africa is Now exhibition, designindaba.com has taken on the endeavour to become the leading voice on African design, creativity and innovation. 

Through designindaba.com we endeavour to inspire and empower our global audience to use creativity to build a better world.

Our content surveys every facet of design. Designindaba.com offers world design news and features on up-to-the-minute trends and innovation, image galleries featuring the best of the creative industries, exclusive filmed interviews and design series, videos of Design Indaba conference talks, and a design directory representing global creative thought leaders.

We have an activist orientation and not just a journalistic focus. We use our platform as a driver of change and to harness design and innovation to serve people.

We feature design for the 99% – with particular emphasis on creativity from Africa – and design that’s linked to improving the quality of life.

As a brand we champion the notion that creativity and design have the power to fuel an economic revolution not only in South Africa, but globally. For 20 years, we have scoured the globe partnering with designers that personify this notion and are the leading innovators in their respective fields. Sharing the knowledge we have gained and connections we have made has become our full-time pursuit.

Design Indaba Festival

Established in 1995 with its globally acclaimed Design Indaba Conference, the Design Indaba brand has evolved into a multidisciplinary platform that champions all of the creative sectors. The annual Design Indaba Festival in Cape Town now also includes the highly popular Emerging Creatives programme, Most Beautiful Object in SA, Design Indaba FilmFestMusic Circuit, multiple Simulcast versions of the Conference in cities around South Africa, and other special events. Go to our Festival page for the latest programme or download our Festival App for updates.

Design Indaba Do Tank

As a preeminent creative platform we set our own precedent. We are constantly tackling new self-initiative projects that lead the way in utilising and showcasing the power of creativity, collaboration and canny commercialism. Beyond just reportage, we embody storymaking in action.

As part of the Design Indaba Do Tank platform, we play host to a variety of bespoke community initiatives, training workshops, design projects and publications, many of which are funded by the not-for-profit organisation, Design Indaba Trust.

Sponsorship evaluation and economic impact

Every year Design Indaba produces an independently audited economic impact report as part of its annual Sponsorship Evaluation.

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Design Indaba offers standard advertising packages and bespoke sponsorship opportunities for designindaba.com and its various online channels.

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