Design Indaba's annual endeavour to find the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa (MBOISA) is exhibited each year on the Design Indaba Expo floor.

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Each year the country engages with the question of what constitutes beauty. While some may consider beauty an aspect of taste and others know it on sight, beauty becomes far more profound than a visual sensation when design attributes such as social significance, economic impact, usability, sustainability and even humour are thrown into the mix.

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Here are the past MBOISA winners below:

2014: Steam 1886 by Adrian Lazarus

Steam 1886 is a steampunk-inspired short fashion film, produced and directed by Nicky Felbert and Adrian Lazarus. This fantasy video showcases the fashion and lifestyle of a possible 19th-century steam culture. It was shot at Truth Coffee HQ, whose steampunk interior was designed by Haldane Martin.

2013: Pebble Dress by Gavin Rajah

The Pebble Dress from Gavin Rajah’s Spring/Summer 2013 couture collection was created out of leather pieces that were moulded into pebble shapes and then embroidered onto mesh by hand. The leather pebbles are placed to create a gradation of colour with rose gold blending into chocolate. 

2012: Lily Pad Ring by Kirsten Goss

The Lily Pad ring exemplifies Kirsten Goss’s contemporary design style, combining intriguing organic lines with a playful edge.

2011: Dreams for Africa Chair by Woza Moya

The Dreams for Africa Chair symbolizes hope and the importance of dreams. Woza Moya further raises awareness through the chair about HIV/AIDS and the design significance of traditional Zulu beadwork.

2010: Lab Light by Anatomy Design

The idea behind the Lab Light invokes a strong message of functional design. Andrea Kleinloog of Anatomy Design explains through the Lab Light that functional design is both an outcome and a process.

2009: Chrysanthemum Center Piece by Michaella Janse van Vuuren

The Chrysanthemum Center Piece is a reversible design that functions as either a bowl or a candleholder depending on which side of the design is facing up. The centerpiece reflects Nomili founder Michaella Janse van Vuuren's passion for textures, shapes and patterns found in nature.

2008: Nested Bunk Beds by Y Tsai

The Nested Bunk Beds are both aesthetically pleasing and socially functional. The beds serve as a space solution for overcrowded, low-cost houses. Tsai Design Studio strives to produce provocative designs that are unconventional yet instilled with a strong sense of cultural and social relevance particularly in South Africa.

2007: Condom Applicator by Roelf Mulder

The Condom Applicator is a small product that may have a big impact on a country’s social, cultural and economic future. Roelf Mulder of XYZ Design designed the Condom Applicator in the hope of HIV/AIDS prevention. This product revels that it is not only the physical appearance of a product that is important but also the social and economic potential it encompasses.

View winners gallery below.

2014: Steam 1886 by Adrian Lazaraus
2013: Pebble Dress by Gavin Rajah
2012: Lily Pad Ring by Kirsten Goss.
2011: Dreams for Africa Chair by Woza Moya.
2010: Lab Light by Anatomy Design.
2009: Chrysanthemum Center Piece by Michaella Janse van Vuure.

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