The Kewtown Primary School Project

Suzelle DIY tells us why she nominated this children’s library for Most Beautiful Object in South Africa 2018.

It’s about making real change in the lives of children, says Suzelle DIY on why she nominated the collaborative Kewtown Primary School library project by See-Saw-Do for Most Beautiful Object in South Africa.

Situated in the Kewtown area of Cape Town, this primary school recently gained a revamped library and colourful learning space. It is the result of the three-part collaboration between The BookeryShine Literacy and See-Saw-Do, a small design collective that specialises in creating exciting experiences for children.

The project started when the designers of See-Saw-Do participated in a business course at the UCT that focused on bringing NGOs together with local school principals to collaborate on projects that will have a positive impact on the learning experience of South African children. Now, Kewtown Primary School kids are reaping the benefits and enjoying the diverse range of books and fun activities now available inside the redesigned space.

This project represents a hands-on application of creativity, performed without major funds, that will have a lasting positive impact on the Kewtown community.

“This is a beautiful project because of the message,” says Suzelle, “Now we have kids who are going into the space – they are reading, they are learning, they are invigorated. Best of all, those kids feel special. They have a sense of ownership of the space and that is going to create change.”