Five illustrators contemplate the end of summer

“Summer’s End” is the first exhibition at the Drawing Room, a new gallery in Observatory, Cape Town.

The exhibition Summer’s End bids farewell to summer in the Southern Hemisphere and simultaneously welcomes new gallery The Drawing Room to the Cape Town art scene. The exhibition features the work of five South African artists.

Summer’s End is a nostalgic celebration of the retreating season, and many of the exhibited artworks explore the blurring between life and death that occurs during the autumn months.

The five artists – Carla Kreuser, Maria Lebedeva, Adrie Le Roux, Marli Lyon and Lucy Stuart-Clark – use a variety of media and techniques including collage and illustration.

The owners of The Drawing Room are Derek and Candice Allison, a photographer and a curator from Durban who met while living in London.

“We found [in London] that the idea of a mixed-use space has become essential for alternative galleries and creative venues to survive in the current economic climate,” says Candice.

The Drawing Room – located in Observatory – will be a social and creative space, a café and a gallery offering a platform for different art forms.

“We are motivated by collaboration and have been inspired by the amount of interest we have received from creative entrepreneurs who have seen the space and the potential it offers,” says Candice.

As the name of the gallery suggests, drawing is at the heart of its operations and its exhibitions will focus on celebrating contemporary illustrating, drawing, graphic design, printmaking and the humble sketch. The Allisons are planning film screenings, workshops and informal illustration classes as well working with Open Studio Entertainment, which will be hosting creative “Show and Tell” events every second Friday.

Maria Lebedeva

Maria Lebedeva is a freelance illustrator and designer living and working in Johannesburg. She was an Emerging Creative at Design Indaba Expo 2014. This piece is titled "Balmy Sunday".

Maria Lebedeva's "Adventure Awaits".

Carla Krueser

Carla Krueser is a Cape Town-based illustrator and graphic designer at The Jupiter Drawing Room and was a Pecha Kucha speaker at Design Indaba Conference 2015. This piece is titled "Noon Study II".

Carla Kreuser's "The lagoon is very round here".

Lucy Stuart-Clark

Lucy Stuart-Clark is a Cape Town-based artist and illustrator. She sells ceramic brooches and hand-bound notebooks under her brand, Lucy-made, which she launched at Design Indaba Expo as an Emerging Creative in 2014. Above is "Untitled".

Lucy Stuart-Clark's "The Gentleman".

Adrie Le Roux

Adrie Le Roux is an artist and illustrator in Pretoria who uses paints, pencils, collage and her computer. Le Roux was one of 44 artists featured in the Paper Planes installation at Design Indaba Expo 2015. This piece is titled "Handsome Couple".

Adrie Le Roux "Still Life".

Marli Lyon

Marli Lyon is a freelance illustrator and designer born in Gauteng. Lyon works predominantly in collage. This piece is titled "Guardians of Summer".

The exhibition "Summer's End" runs until 2 May at The Drawing Room gallery in Observatory, Cape Town.

Watch the Trailer with Carla Kreuser