Paper Planes

Design Indaba and Alexander’s Band have collaborated on this exciting exhibition by local illustrators at Expo 2015.

From the Series

Design Indaba and Alexander’s Band, a creative agency that represents established and budding South African illustrators, are collaborating to produce an exciting new feature for Design Indaba Expo 2015. Paper Planes – a talent-packed group exhibition of illustration – focusses on the theme of Southern African mythology and folklore from all of our diverse cultures.

The exhibit features an all-South African talent pool of 44 artists, who have each produced once-off illustrations that represent their favourite local story. 

Paper Planes is the first show of its kind to be hosted at Design Indaba and will appeal to lovers of visual communication and South African folklore.

We're thrilled to have been offered this opportunity by Design Indaba. With their support and collaboration we're presenting something new to the Expo. We're huge believers in and supporters of illustration, and we're thrilled to present some of the best local talent in the context of some of our favourite local myths and legends.

 - Emma Cook and Arnelle Woker, Alexander’s Band 

The exhibition includes once-off illustrations and actual print sales in posters and postcards. Visitors are invited to participate in mini-workshops on the Expo floor that will ultimately create a massive collaborative comic. Look out for work by top young creatives such as Adam Hill, Anja Venter, Chris Valentine, Muti, Toby Newsome and Hylton Warburton.