Focus On: Plastic

In these articles we focus on innovative alternatives to plastic as well as the best ideas for how to reuse it in imaginative ways.

In the following articles we look at alternatives to plastic, innovative ways of reusing it, and design that encourages us to open our eyes to the amount of waste we produce everyday. From compostable water bottles made of algae to dresses made of mushrooms and single use cutlery you can eat, design thinking offers up a number of brilliant and imaginative ideas that integrate seamlessly into modern daily life. We need to think hard about ways to enter the circular economy. While worms that digest plastic can help, we actually need to think of ways to reuse the resources we have. Ideas like Studio [D] Tale's chai walla-inspired Cup Club – which replaces disposable coffee cups with shared, reusable ones – are getting us thinking about how else we can avoid adding to landfills.