Rope made out of plastic bottles

A really handy tool from a runaway Kickstarter campaign.

From the Series

The plastic bottle cutter is made from durable and eco materials

Pavel and Ian, a design duo from Versailles, France, designed a modern interpretation of an old technique. The designers created a safe and effective, pocket-sized plastic bottle cutter that cuts any plastic bottle into long slithers of plastic rope.

Made from eco-material, the pocket cutter is durable, has replaceable blades, and enables the user to upcycle discarded plastic bottles that would otherwise be harmful to the environment 

Led by Ian Polianskii, the design duo says they came across the idea in 1997, when they met a man who had used rope made from plastic bottles to secure his tent. They interpreted this method in a modern way.

To create the plastic rope, the bottle’s bottom is cut off and the cutter is placed over the rim. The user then turns the bottle and a thin, plastic rope twirls out, which can be cut to the desired length. From industrial use to gardening to arts and crafts, the rope can be used in a variety of ways.


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