3D-printed vase collection upcycles plastic bottles

DesignLibero’s 3D-printed vase collection brings beauty to the practice of upcycling.

From the Series

PET bottles, or plastic bottles, are not usually associated with elegant interior design. But, design studio DesignLibero’s collection of 3D-printed external shells gives the undervalued plastic bottle a new purpose.

The 3D-printed structure dresses the bottle and makes it disappear under its mesh. The collection includes four different designs: the first one, called “Spider vase”, has a biomorphic pattern. The second design, the “Sinuous Vase”, has fluid curves that form a wavy pattern. The “Lace Vase” has a classical look and the 3D pattern of the “Knitted Vase” emphasises extraordinarily fine details.

“Of course, you will not clean the planet by recycling just one bottle,” says the studio. “But if you have a chance to reuse one and turn it into a design object, it can be the first step towards environmentally friendly lifestyle.”

Photo credit: Claudio Morelli

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