Sassy streetwear

The Blue Worm Onesy by Loin Cloth & Ashes has a tongue-in-cheek tomboy aesthetic that would look equally chic worn with high heels or high tops.

Part of the Project

Recontextualising traditional prints sourced from around Africa, Loin Cloth & Ashes’ Blue Worm Onesy is a fashion statement that is both contemporary and futuristic.

Anisa Mpungwe established Loin Cloth & Ashes to give women an alternative to the little black dress. Focussed on dresses and skirts, the Loin Cloth & Ashes label complements the female form. With a motto “dare to be different”, the fashion brand attracts independent women who are driven and take pride in their appearance while showing off a quirky, mature sophistication.

The Loin Cloth & Ashes Spring/Summer 2014 collection takes its inspiration from 80s and 90s teen movies; cults classics like Clueless, Empire Records and The Breakfast Club. While remaining true to the label’s core femininity, this collection has a tongue-in-cheek tomboy aesthetic. The sassy onesy, the Blue Worm retains Loin Cloth & Ashes’ signature high neckline and sleeveless look but trades structure for street culture.

The Blue Worm Onesy was showcased at Design Indaba Expo’s Africa is Now exhibition under the theme “Africa is Urban”, which aimed to showcase how the continent is home to rapidly growing megacities as well as present the eclectic mix of contemporary urban challenges and possibilities.