Safe as seeds

Marti Guixé’s piggy bank-inspired Seed Safe has the potential to make the world rich – with food.

From the Series

We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees but Spanish designer Marti Guixé reckons that if we started saving seeds, rather than money, the world would be a richer place.

So to encourage the saving of seeds Guixé created the Seed Safe for Alessi. It’s a beautiful jar in which you can store the seeds from your fruits and vegetables so that they can later be planted rather than thrown away or composted.

Guixé is fascinated by seeds, as seen in his "Plant Me Pet” project. He believes that every home needs a Seed Safe since “seeds are in some way more valuable then money”.

Made from stoneware sourced in Portugal, the Seed Safe’s design is both simple and practical and works as a décor item for the home. It features various cutouts in the shapes of different seeds and has a plug in the bottom for easy removal of the seeds.

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