Martí Guixé on food karaoke, edible objects and techno-tapas

At Design Indaba Conference 2013 Martí Guixé shows us how to eat pasta with your fingers and lollipops without your hands.

Martí Guixé is a Catalonian food, industrial, interior and product designer living in Barcelona. In this talk from Design Indaba Conference 2013, Guixé takes us on a visual tour of his work from the 90s to the present, grouping his work into six relevant topics. 

Ten years into his career, Guixé drew a diagram that showcased his various exhibits and projects. The diagram splits his work into three fundamental sections: Design 2.0, work that uses design as a tool; Ex-Designer, which showcases the way he works with design – leaving out the bad and only keeping the good; and Food design. Using these three topics as the basis for his talk Guixé highlights his more humorous projects.

In a section titled “Edible objects”, Guixé explains his interest in mass production.

Food is mass produced but no one sees it as an object. I wanted to design food as though it is a product, he says.

Guixé’s examples of his work with food include: Tapas Pasta, or pasta that can be eaten as finger food; I-Cakes, a cake whose icing displays the percentage of its ingredients; and a Hands-Free Lollipop.

Guixé also covers projects that feature interaction between people and objects. His GAT FOG project saw him redesigning an art gallery and eliminating the need to carry around a glass by creating a Gin and Tonic fog throughout the space. Other interactive works included Car Mirror, which allows people to look at themselves inside their cars before entering a city; and Sculpt Me Point, which saw people creating their own unique sculpture in a city.

Guixé has also worked on a number of interior designs including a showroom for Alessi, a pop-up shop for Camper and various retails stores around Europe – some of which he famously decorates by using his budget to throw massive parties before the store opening, encouraging partygoers to paint on the walls.

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