Reduce and refine

One SodaStream Source could save 550 plastic bottles per household per year. That's enough reason to let the bubbles flow!

It’s well known that, for the sake of the planet, we need to reduce our plastic consumption. Some figures estimate that as many as 460 million plastic and tin items are being manufactured each year.

A startling figure and a massive challenge, but one that SodaStream is helping to address – one home carbonated drink at a time.

Recently SodaStream called on the creative genius of Yves Béhar to give the device a new look and feel.

The SodaStream Source turns regular tap water into carbonated water in a few simple steps. Béhar also addressed the fundamental elements of the SodaStream system, including materials, aesthetic appearance and design. Easy to use, as well as visually appealing, it is the perfect solution for a bottle-free world!

Béhar also designed the SodaBar to encourage interaction between SodaStream and its customers, where it was recently exhibited at Tokyo Design Week.

In addition to the new look and the delicious sodas and cocktails the device helps to create, it has been calculated that the SodaStream Source could save some 550 plastic bottles per household per year.

See what Béhar had to say about the SodaStream Source when we interviewed him at London Design Festival 2012.

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Watch the Talk with Yves Béhar

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