Jambox your way

Part technical wonder, part modernist artwork... and now the Jambox can be customised and personalised to suit your individual style.
Photo by fuseproject

With a simple idea, the most intelligent speaker on the planet has just become more personal.

Jambox, Jawbone's compact wireless portable speaker, can now be customised to individual style by mixing and matching over 100 custom colour combinations on the device.

Both the grill and the caps of the speaker can be modified with colours for the grill ranging from "red dot" to "black diamond", "purple hex" and "yellow wave", while the caps range include the more conventional, but no less boring, red, blue, black, white, grey and the like.

Being wireless and capable of over ten hours of continuous play, Jambox fits perfectly into the mobile lifestyle of today. The device’s forward-thinking technology allows it to be the only speaker that gets smarter instead of outdated.

Simply syncing the speakers with MyTALK, Jawbone’s industry-first online platform to download apps, software upgrades and latest features, Jambox’s integrated intelligence allows its user to personalise it to their specific preferences on a digital level too.

It can be used absolutely anywhere for any purpose. Furthermore, it has a built in microphone making conference calls whether at home, in the car or in the office crisp and clear.

"Jambox gives you the freedom to bring pristine wireless audio to whatever you are doing, wherever you want. Its always ready to go."

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