2 minutes of creativity

We asked 20 of the world's leading designers what they think creativity can do.
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Over the years, we've had the opportunity to talk with some of the world's leading creatives. In many of these conversations, the topic of creativity as a change agent has come up. So we decided to dedicate a video to the topic. In this two-minute tour, 20 of the best – from young guns such as Canadian Ian Murchison and South African Daniel Ting Chong to the venerable Rick Valicenti and the late Massimo Vignelli – tell us how they see the power of creativity. 

Their answers range from impish to earnest: 

Creativity can definitely change the world; it can make more than a little dent in the universe.
Tom Hulme, founder of OpenIDEO

Creativity can spread the best spirit from one person to another.
Rick Valicenti, founder of Thirst  

Creativity can make the world a better place.
Jakob Trollbäck, founder of Trollbäck + Company

Creativity can create an incredible moment to better the lives of communnities as a whole.
Cameron Sinclair, co-founder of Architecture for Humanity.

The best part about creativity and what it can do is that it doesn't have any boundaries.
Noreen Morioka, co-founder of AdamsMorioka

Creativity can save the world!
Daniel Ting Chong, illustrator. 

Creativity can make you fall in love.
Stefan G Bucher, founder of 344 Design. 

Creativity can add a little bit of energy and amazement to the world.
Frank Tjepkema, founder of Tjep.

Creativity can cross borders.
Marc Schiller, founder of Wooster Collective

Creativity can change the way we think.
Michel Rojkind, founder of Rojkind Architects. 

Creativity is like a superhero.
Yves Béhar, founder of fuseproject. 

Creativity can blow shit up!
Lauren Beukes, novelist. 

Creativity, and I truly believe this, has the power to change the world. And designers are great because they are not afraid of changing it.
Mikal Hallstrup, co-founder of Designit.  

Creativity can do nothing on its own. Creativity is just a language, a vehicle for doing something – and it is something that is more powerful than words.
Zoë Coombs, co-founder of Commonwealth.   

Creativity can do everything; creativity is everything.
David Boira, co-founder of Commonwealth.  

Creativity can make you happy.
Hjalti Karlsson, founder of Karlssonwilker Inc. 

Creativity can really open up people's minds to see things from a different perspective.
Nicolas Blechman, principle of Knickerbocker Design. 

Creativity is about inspiring other people to be creative.
Ian Murchison, co-founder of The Federal Inc.

Creativity can shake mountains, blow up lakes, blow up volcanoes, create techtonic plate movements of the imagination, shift whole planets and populations into new constellations and configurations.
Paul D Miller aka DJ Spooky

The last word goes, fittingly, to the great graphic designer and founder of Vignelli Associates, Massimo Vignelli, who passed away on 27 May, 2014, at the age of 83:

Creativity can make the world better, definitely.