Focus On: The business of design

Five renowned designers discuss design and business – its pros, cons and possibilities.

David Butler on why design is critical to business

David Butler is responsible for leading the global design vision and strategy for Coca-Cola. Approaching design through a modular adaptable system, Butler connects design and business in an efficient and sustainable way. In an insightful talk at Design Indaba Conference 2011, he speaks about various projects undertaken by Coca-Cola to share value and allow opportunities for design.

Roger Martin on leveraging design in business

Dean of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto and an author of several business books, Roger Martin specialises in the areas of global competitiveness, integrative thinking and business design.

Rahim Bhimani on problem-solving with design and business skills 

Rahim Bhimani believes to effectively solve problems, both design and business skills need to be brought to the table.

Wally Olins on the branding of nations

Here the late Wally Olins talks about the branding of nations. He says that while no nation is perfect, by focussing on some of their unique characteristics, they can draw many people. Olins also talks about making countries more international and more open, and how to manage an image. 

Bruce Nussbaum means business

Working in the space at the intersection between design and business, Bruce Nussbaum believes that open source design and innovation are essential for creating economic and social value in business. He also talks about “the fall of the West and the rise of the rest” and the resourceful attitude of Generation Y.