Where It's At: A Design Indaba publication

Guest edited by Richard Hart and designed by Disturbance, Where It's At is the first in a series of limited editions inspired by Design Indaba magazine.

Where It's At is the first publication to follow on from Design Indaba magazine. Curated by Richard Hart - Durban designer, artist and co-founder of Disturbance design studio - it features articles, profiles, conversations and bespoke, fold-out posters, in a snapshot of contemporary South African design, and how it plays out in a global context.

Hart is the first to take the reins for this limited edition. Entitled Where It’s At, Hart’s guest-edited publication was launched at Design Indaba 2012.

As Cape Town has recently been appointed as World design capital 2014, Where It’s At focuses on a difficult question South Africans might be asking; is there a place for us in this global community or are we simply a sideshow?

The publication both highlights and demonstrates that African designers have the confidence to stay true to Africa’s idea of Africa and not only look to the First World for inspiration.

A snapshot of current South African creativity is illustrated in Where It’s At revealing the unique and inspiring talents South Africa possesses.


Guest editor: Richard Hart
Design: disturbance
Copy editor: Sarah Jayne Fell
Publisher: Interactive Africa

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