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TEN is a creative, digital and educational project aimed at democratising digital art. On the 10th of each month a free PSD is made available for download.

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Fotolia presents the 2nd season of the TEN Collection experience, where a new artwork is released on the 10th of each month, on the Ten by Fotolia website, from 10 January 2013.

TEN is a creative, digital and educational project created by Fotolia in 2011, aimed at democratising digital art. TEN, as in 10 artists, 10 countries, 10 months and 10 PSDs. This unprecedented project allows web users to download, for free and for 24 hours, the source file in PSD format of ten of the best worldwide digital artists, and thus to discover innovative digital techniques and cultural influence. Each user can access the ensemble of layers, graphic elements and style effects held in each PSD, and appropriate them to use them in their own works. This community initiative was born from cooperation between Fotolia and two well-known graphic communities: Wisibility and Amkashop. TEN is also supported by national and international partners, such as Adobe, Behance, Wacom, Design Indaba and DesignTimes.

Season 2 of the TEN collection features 10 internationally recognised artists plus two special editions, including digital artists from France, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Korea, Japan, Russia, Poland, Spain, Italy, England and Germany. The release date schedule for each artists' PSD is as follows:

10 January: Gustavo Brigante (Argentina)

10 February: Gwong Soongyu (South Korea)

10 March: Adhemas Batista (Brazil)

10 April: Marumiyan (Japan)

10 May: Mike Harrison (UK)

10 June: Alexander Otto (Germany)

10 July: Alexey Samsonov (Russia)

8 August: Secret

10 September: Alberto Seveso (Italy)

10 October: Jerico Santander (Spain)

10 November: Peter Jaworowski (Poland)

10 December: Secret

Here on designindaba.com we will be announcing when the artworks will be available for download, as well as featuring online video tutorials by the artists themselves on how to create a digital masterpiece using Photoshop.

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