TEN Collection: design tutorial ft Peter Jaworowski (Poland)

Peter Jaworowski talks through the process of creating his digital artwork for the TEN Collection. Use the captions settings on the video player for subtitles.

Part of the Project

Peter Jaworowski, aka The Hejz, is the design director and co-founder of the Polish creative agency Ars Thanea. He is November's featured artist in the TEN Collection, Season 2. Here he explains how he created his digital artwork for the Fotolia project entitled “Game on”.

Photoshop to me is what pencils and paper are to a draftsman: an essential support to transcript my emotions and my creativity.

Opting for a sports theme for his digital artwork for the TEN Collection, the designer highlights his aim to make his work universal and accessible to a broad audience.

Using more than 20 images from Fotolia’s image bank, Jaworowski illustrates for the viewer on a step-by-step basis how he created a three-dimensional digital painting depicting the game of basketball.

A play of lights and shadows - as well as a choice of unusual colours - perfectly convey the agility, speed and strength of the scene, giving it an unreal tone.

“This basketball playground could come directly out of a dream”, he says.