TEN Collection: design tutorial ft Yoann Madec & Solène Renaudin (France)

Yoann Madec and Solène Renaudin on creating their digital artwork for the TEN Collection. (Use the captions settings on the video player for subtitles.)

Part of the Project

The TEN Collection Season 2 has seen record downloads since it started in January this year and is quickly approaching the final stop of its virtual world tour, ending at Fotolia’s headquarters in France. For the last installment, Fotolia presents a special edition creation by artist couple Yoann Madec and Solène Renaudin, better known under their pseudonyms Düne and Sosoa.

Düne and Sosoa’s digital artwork for the TEN Collection was inspired by the birth of their child, “it showcases the flood of emotions that parents experience: fear, excitement, love and more," explains Düne.

Titled Unfinished Sympathy, the artwork representes two sides to life. The left hand, “Unfinished” represents the material side of things like possessions, wealth and appearance that ultimately fuels the feeling of being incomplete. The right hand, “Sympathy” represents a more spiritual side that prefers giving rather than receiving. 

The artwork is made using Adobe Illustrator and a selection of images taken from Fotolia’s image bank.

In this video the duo talk you through the step-by-step process of creating the artwork. 

Unfinished Sympathy will be available to download as a free PSD from 10:00, 10 December till 10:00, 11 December 2013.