Vases telling stories at Milan2011

Story Vases serve as a form of individual documentation of the daily lives of women in a rural village in KwaZulu-Natal.

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For the Milan Furniture Fair, on until 17 April 2011, Editions in Craft presents Story Vases, the result of a collaboration between Swedish design collective Front and the Siyazama Project, a group of women that work in traditional beadcraft in KwaZulu-Natal.

The Story Vases reveal details about the personal lives of the five women involved in the Siyazama Project, namely Beauty Ndlovu, Thokozani Sibisi, Kishwepi Sitole, Tholiwe Sitole and Lobolile Ximba.

Front worked with the women to select excerpts from their conversations which were then developed into a story. The story came to life through text made by threading glass beads onto metal wires.

These wires with the beaded words were then placed around vase-shaped moulds which Swedish glassblower Reino Björk then filled with glass.

Story Vases aimed to develop new products by sharing techniques and exchanging ideas. The pieces are available in limited edition.

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