Time for Guixé at Milan 2010

Nap o'clock? Snack o'clock? Slog o'clock? Martí Guixé's new clocks for Alessi let the user write the time.

From the Series

Launching at the annual Milan Furniture Fair, Martí Guixé’s 24h sentence maker wall clock is a way to measure time with sentences. The word "IS" is written in the middle of the clock with each hour representing a different word. With a new sentence every hour, there are 24 sentences a day. There’s also the wall clock with a pen. The idea is to write and draw your perceptions and feelings about time on the clock.

The Pool Azzurra also introduces a new typology to the basin. Challenging the idea of the conventional basin, the Pool fits into any space or context, private or public.

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