Swan in black and white

Satyendra Pakhalé’s White Swan and Black Swan marks the first time the designer has worked in marble.

Rather than representing an object, Satyendra Pakhalé’s White Swan and Black Swan represents his quest to create design pieces as a “poetic analogy of form”.

The White Swan and Black Swan was born in Pakhalé’s studio in India in 2005, where the creation was driven by his “curiosity to cultivate a formal language to kindle memories and make the audience experience the sensorial quality of a piece”.

Swan is Pakhalé’s first piece made in marble, an ancient material that the designer has always been curious about. Pakhalé especially likes that the material is full of meaning, in addition to its capability of creating a sensorial feeling.

The final product is the result of much time and effort spent on experimentation and the development of the different edition pieces. Pakhalé says he also created various scale models in different materials before arriving at the final produt.

“For me objects are like companions and I am fascinated by the possibility to bring life, elegance and even dignity into them,” says Pakhalé.

The Black Swan was launched at PAD in London earlier this year, while the White Swan was launched at Design Miami recently. 

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