Solar power

WeWi has designed the world's first truly solar powered laptop that seeks to make education available in the most remote areas.

In the middle of the ocean, at the summit of a mountain or in the heart of a desert, the SOL Solar Powered Laptop digitally empowers people… everywhere. Even those off the grid. 

Canadian telecommunications company WeWi has designed the world’s first truly solar powered laptop – it never needs to be plugged in!

WeWi conceived the idea for a laptop that is able to function without electricty as part of an attempt to make education more accessible to all.

SOL reveals a rugged design durability and a solar array that allows the laptop to be used even in the most remote areas, needing only the sun.

The laptop comes loaded with all the tools necessary to facilitate learning. Running on Mark Shuttleworth's Ubuntu Linux operating system, which is becoming more popular and more powerful as it brings thousands of free apps to those that might otherwise not have access to it. 

The first batch of SOLs will be distributed in Africa. Thereafter it will be made available in the Middle East, Europe, and in North and South America.

The SOL will be available at the end of 2013. 

Watch the Talk with Mark Shuttleworth