Sling furniture

Jasper Morrison's Fionda chair highlights the possibility of lightweight, versatile and comfortable furniture.

Jasper Morrison’s Fionda chair is suited for using inside or taking outside, for interiors that don’t need much upholstery and for the traveller who just got home and needs a rest.

Morrison fell in love with the simple structure of chairs variously known as BKF, Hardoy, Butterfly or Tripolina in Italy, all of which suspend a canvas sling from a frame to create a surprisingly comfortable chair. Commonly known for its outside use due to aluminium frames, Morrison created a version that can be used inside.

The Fionda chair reveals Morrison’s attraction to lightness in furniture design. The simple structure is held together by the designer’s precision in joints, making the chair both strong and light. The chairs can be stacked neatly on top of one another without their covers when not in use.

Morrison designed Fionda for Mattiazzi and showcased it at the 2013 London Design Festival

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