Modern attitude

Tom Dixon has unveiled his "Y" chair after two years of researching and prototyping.

After two years of complex engineering, significant tooling investment and intense shape-making, Tom Dixon has unveiled his “Y” chair.

British product designer Dixon has recently been exploring restaurant, bar, office and hotel furniture, which got him interested in making a chair that could withstand the heavy knocks of daily use. Along with being durable, the chair sports a recognisable “Dixon” silhouette, an ergonomic shape and a modern attitude.

The chair’s expressive form is injection moulded in glass-reinforced nylon, while its shape is informed by ergonomics. A lumbar support, plenty of space for the spine and a generous brace for the shoulder blades all add to its instantly recognisable silhouette.

The “Y” Chair will be available to buy from November and may currently be tried out in Dixon’s London showroom, The Dock. 

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