Milkmaids and cowboys

South African fashion designer Thula Sindi's new collection melds rural and urban influences.

Leather, lace and gold embroidery collide in South African fashion designer Thula Sindi’s latest collection.

The inspiration for the collection came from a desire to meld the rural and the urban. Coming from a rural town himself, Sindi was always intrigued by how people from urban cities perceived where he grew up.

This idea manifests in his work through his choice of materials and silhouettes: “The aesthetic of the collection portrays what many may think milkmaids and cowboys wear,” he explains.

“I love clothes that are very easy to wear and pieces that are timeless.” To reference this love, Sindi opted for relaxed, draping silhouettes and comfortable fabrics such as cotton.

The collection was launched at Design Indaba Expo 2015.