Furniture with street cred

Yves Béhar and Landscape Forms have unveiled the MultipliCITY, a system of sustainable outdoor furniture.

From the Series

Fuseproject, a San Francisco-based design agency focusing on technology, furniture, sports, lifestyle and fashion founded by Yves Béhar, along with Landscape Forms has been working on an international collection of outdoor public furniture that is dynamic, flexible and global. After three years of collaboration, the collection has finally been unveiled.

MultipliCITY aims to address questions such as “why do we need to ship materials if those same materials can be found on site already?" and “how do we allow for customisation and local culture preferences?”. The answer to these questions comes in the form of a dynamic and flexible system that combines the efficiencies of mass production, the flexibility of custom materials and configurations for expressing local cultural preferences, and the carbon-reducing sustainability of flat shipping and local assembly for international markets.

The system includes seven elements: a bench with and without a backrest, table, bike rack, path light as well as single-sided and double-sided litter holders.

The challenge was to create something new to express local identities, micro-curated spaces and integration with hardscapes and landscapes while offering surprise and delight, says Béhar.

Elements are made of standard mass produced structural parts, which include cast aluminium frames and brackets, and locally manufactured parts, such as seating and table surfaces, that can be specified in standard hardwoods from all around the world. 

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