Embroidered skulls

Calavera will showcase a new range of embroidered skulls as part of Design Indaba Expo 2014's First Editions feature.

From the Series

Past Design Indaba Expo exhibitor Calavera will be taking part in a brand new Expo feature, First Editions at this year’s event. 

Nicole de Jager, founder of Calavera, is inspired by the cultural significance of life and death, music, colour and tribal art. Each item she produces is entirely made by hand and aims to chanllenge the notion of the local craft industry. Her designs see a unique embroidering of felt skulls.

At Design Indaba Expo 2014, De Jager will showcase a new range of skulls that draw inspiration from blue and white porcelain, a colour scheme she believes has been immensely popular over the course of art history, both locally and globally.

My new range is about changing old forms and ideas, all the while brimming over with cultural and personal echoes, says De Jager.

See her new range first at Design Indaba Expo 2014.