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Vitality Line is a new range of products, designed by Yves Béhar, aimed at making medication management products look less sterile and cheap.

A new California-based company Sabi recently launched with a series of well-designed health and wellness products aimed at transforming “life’s small tasks into moments of joy”.

Sabi called on Yves Béhar and his team at fuseproject to create a line of products that would help to turn a daily activity, such as taking vitamins, into something more engaging, more enjoyable and more delightful.

“Vitality” is the name of Sabi’s first collection. It’s a line of accessories for medication and pill management, minus the sterile, cheap look and feel usually associated with these products.

The Sabi Vitality range is created for functionality but the designers made sure to pay close attention to the emotional and aesthetic aspect of each design.

Manifesting the belief that even utilitarian, daily-use products should be a joy to use, the Vitality Line includes eight products all designed to help you better manage your medication.

The Vitality Line consists of the following products:

  1. CHOP: Easy pill cutter
  2. CRUSH: Easy pill smasher
  3. FOLIO: Easy pill traveler
  4. GRANDE CARAFE: Handy pills + water
  5. GRANDE FOLIo: Easy pill organizer
  6. HOLSTER: Daily pill clip
  7. HOLSTER FOLIO: Weekly pill carrier
  8. SHAKE: Easy pill dispenser

In addition to the Vitality Line of products, Sabi will launch Agility, a line of products that alleviate the pain and inconvenience of lifting, reaching, and carrying everyday items around the house, as well as Mobility, a line of travel accessories and gadgets that assist in transporting health and wellness essentials. Both collections will be introduced in late 2012.

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