Bright Talks gave audiences a chance to gain insight into the advertising world. Here's a look a the day's inspiring and motivating presentations.

Bright Talks, a new inspiration event in Cape Town, kicked off to a sensational start and saw audiences at the edge of their seats throughout the day. 

With a vision to stimulate, educate and inspire, Bright Talks is exclusively for the marketing industry and gave insight and advice for how to think outside the box, challenge the status quo and let ideas mutate and grow. At the same time, the event revealed how clients can get the best out of their agency.

Ross Chowles shared the stage with respected individuals in the creative community, including Graham Warsop, Margaret Jenks and Ravi Naidoo

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Here's Bright Talks' official feedback on the day: 

Bright Talks inspires Cape Town’s ad & marketing community

The first Bright Talks event took place in Cape Town last week. The daylong conference was held at Kirstenbosch Gardens, setting the scene for a day of stimulation and inspiration. Ross Chowles, who created and curated Bright Talks, took to the stage throughout the day. He spoke from 33 years of wisdom and experience, covering topics ranging from how to pick your agency, how to spend limited budget, the benefits of sacrifice to achieve your goals and more. 

He was joined on stage by a cast of distinguished speakers. Graham Warsop took the delegates "deep diving" and unpacked the ideal agency model driven by innovative thinking. Gavin Levinsohn spoke about strategy and how overcomplicated it’s become "laddering up to nonsense". Margaret Jenks represented the client point of view and spoke of the importance of people skills, partnering with agencies that are skilled and then setting the parameters for a strong, boundaried relationship. She also stressed the importance of "guts x 2" to fight for what you believe in. And then Ravi Naidoo took us on a journey of where a vision can take you and showcased the best of SA's creative talent and invited the audience to put Cape Town on the map as the foremost creative destination in the world. It was a daylong feast for all attendees who shared their thoughts on Twitter, resulting in Bright Talks trending on Twitter in Cape Town at #brightday.

Chowles said of the day: “The overwhelming response to Bright Talks has been extremely positive. This industry is hungry for knowledge and looking for new approaches.” Going forward Bright Talks sees a lighter version of the daylong conference happening with a condensed, afternoon session taking place soon. There is also talk of hosting Bright Light Talks in the evenings to allow for maximum participation. These would be two-hour long events with four inspirational speakers. Interested delegates and speakers should contact Joanne at

Images courtesy of The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town


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