Awakened curiosity

Designed for inquisitiveness, Front will reveal six new furniture pieces at the 2013 Milan Furniture Fair.

From the Series

A playfully constructed doodle table, futuristic lights and animal-shaped seats, Front studio brings an outlandish attraction to Milan Furniture Fair.

Swedish design group Front have designed six new furniture pieces, which will be shown for the first time in Milan this week.

“Anomaly” is a series of seats that resemble an animal’s form, or even perhaps an unknown creature. Designed to awaken curiosity, the seats are made with naturally coloured leather that is stretched over a wooden mould. The foam inside is digitally milled in order to fit the shape perfectly and create a soft and cushy seat.

“Burnt Doodle Table” reveals various doodles that the design trio had made during design meetings. The pattern has been burned onto a birch plywood surface and extends to give the table a unique shape. The decoration is a kind of by-product of Front’s creative process.

“Mobile Lamp” has a structure like a mobile, spreading light over a large area. Using different counterweights, it is able to adapt to various positions and change its shape.

Made from Olive Ash wood sticks, “Mikado Cupboard” is an open structure that creates a see-through cupboard. Perfect for storing items that deserve attention, the cupboard highlights the beauty in visible transparency.

“3Table” is a set of tables made from different materials that are connected in order to support each other. Due to its construction, the three tables are easy to rearrange and tabletops can be lifted to be used as a tray.

Front’s “Fog” light is delicately crafted to create a frosted lamp that appears as though it has been lit by a glowing mist. The light source is hidden and is spread by a frosted area of glass.

Front’s new creations will be on display during Milan Furniture Fair until 14 April 2013. 

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