Marcelo Rosenbaum at What Design Can Do

Design can be used to show the soul, culture and creativity of people, Marcelo Rosenbaum believes. The Brazilian designer talks about education, TV and craft.
Posted 18 May 12 By Design Indaba Duration: 00:05:30 Architecture & InteriorsCraftProduct Design Interviews / Video Interviews Comments

Design is education and education can change people. And it's people that can change the world. This was the essence of Marcelo Rosenbaum's presentation at the What Design Can Do conference in Amsterdam. A household name in his native Brazil, Rosenbaum talks about how the television serves the democratisation of design, referring specifically to his reality TV show that transforms the interiors of favelas. Rosenbaum believes that design should be used to show the Brazilian soul and that all people have both culture and creativity.