Dokter and Misses on bringing their weird dream to life on stage

The design duo, along with their collaborators, ensured this year's Design Indaba Conference opening talk was a theatrical feat.

When faced with the task of condensing a decade worth of work into a talk for this year's Design Indaba Conference, Dokter and Misses looked to the theatre for inspiration.

The fact that the festival takes place at the Artscape Theatre, the heart of Cape Town's artistic excellence meant that they were onto a good thing. Add to that expert direction from artist Lindiwe Matshikiza, music and sound design from Jaos Renato Orechia Zuniga and performers Dear Ribane and the show was ready to come alive.

The magic ingredient that tied all of this together was the story of how the husband and wife team of Adriaan Hugo and Katy Taplin went from a small space in Brixton and into the heart of Joburg's Braamfontein, all by making beautifully designed products that ranged from furniture, lamps and even ceramics.

The couple said they wanted to bring their weird surreal world to life in a way that the talk itself became a one of kind product. They say the experience was a fun and incredible experience especially because they got to collaborate with people that they knew, trusted and had never worked together before.

Matshikiza said: "They really felt that they wanted to do something dynamic, and performative that gives a dry run down of the history of Dokter and Misses. We started to dream quite big about all the things we could do with a theatre at our disposal."

In the end, the weird big dream came alive on the Design Indaba stage and presented a unique opportunity to do something cool.

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