Liberty was a sponsor for Design Indaba Festival 2017 and is also sponsoring the Knowledge Exchange series with Design Indaba.

The Conference has been the highlight of South Africa’s creative since 1995, and has not only contributed vastly to uplifting the South African design sector, but has been named the best design Conference in the world.

In alignment with the power of innovative thinking, Liberty recognises the importance of empowering minds with new and inspired opportunities. Dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, Liberty consciously seeks to challenge the status quo in the quest for discovering new ways of reaching goals through creating world class opportunities and solutions.

Design Indaba and Liberty have made a strategic alignment on this exclusive online Design Indaba video series of this year's speakers.

For 2017, the Design Indaba audience were blown away be a stellar selection of speakers with compelling multimedia presentations that combined performance, storytelling, career-changing insights and the most cutting – edge creative work on the global circuit.

Design Indaba and Liberty have partnered in the opportunity to engage the Design Indaba online audience with compelling interviews of this year's Design Indaba speakers.

Together, we will get inside the minds of the Design Indaba creative network with exclusive video interviews with our speakers as we uncover the inspirations and interests of the most exciting creative minds in the world.

Through strategic alignment with this series, our premium South African, as well as global audience will identify Liberty with their fields of work, passion and obsession.