Focus On: More than just products

Four designers share their insights into creating products that have an emotional connection to people and tell stories.
Posted 3 May 14 By Design Indaba Product Design Focus On Comments

Ayse Birsel and Bibi Seck on the different stages of product design.

Design duo Ayse Birsel and Bibi Seck are product designers dedicated to creating objects that generate new experiences and tell beautiful stories. For Birsel and Seck, the beginning stage of designing a product is the most important as it allows them to share ideas with partners in order to create a uniformed identity for new products. Here the designers give insight into their “Resolve for Herman Miller” and “Dakar” projects, revealing their influences in materials and design processes from people in different countries and communities.

Oscar Diaz on designing products that have an emotional connection to people.

For London-based product designer Oscar Diaz, product design is about being able to create an object that enables people to have a relationship with it. He believes that the solution to sustainable design is to create objects that people love and will therefore use for a longer period of time, if not forever.

Inga Sempé on articulated product design.

French product designer Inga Sempé is interested in designing products which have sections connected by flexible joints. Here she speaks about various products she has designed, from Japanese inspired clocks to pleated material lamps. Obsessed with articulated designs, Sempé believes her creations are easy to transport due to their flexibility, increasing commercial value. She further speaks about her creations for Italian souvenirs, which take inspiration from the shape of the country.

Brynjar Sigurŏarson on the relationship between objects and stories.

Product designer Brynjar Sigurŏarson is interested in how objects and stories are related. Here Sigurŏarson speaks about making a functional character so that he can also make the objects around the character. He created a backpack resembling an animal to help his fictional character while hunting in the woods. The backpack allows easy transportation of objects needed for hunting as well as attracting other animals. He further tells a story of a man and his coffee mug on a fishing boat in Iceland.