Clive Wilkinson on playing at work (trailer)

South African-born architect Clive Wilkinson on how all work and no play makes for a dull office.

Wilkinson describes himself and his team as “normal kinds of architects”, but a look at the extensive and imaginative scope of his work indicates otherwise.

Through out-of-the-cubicle thinking, Wilkinson has redefined workplace design by focusing on the building of creative communities that allow people to connect with one another.

Wilkinson’s designs respond to our changing social needs by taking full advantage of the mobility that technology allows. He says: “We have moved away from being bound by paper – every process in the office was determined by paper – to being able to work anywhere because our technology allows us to do that.”

To transform the workplace into a playground of sorts, Wilkinson creates spaces that feel like alternate realities that shift employee perspectives. The 200-seater table he constructed for the creative agency, Mother London, was inspired by the rooftop racetrack above the Fiat factory in Turin, Italy. The table circuits through the Mother London offices like a racetrack.

Wilkinson wants to do more than give offices a facelift. He wants to give employees a sense of belonging to something.

His clients include the Google and Disney Store headquarters, Macquarie Bank and the Barbarian Group.

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