10 creative interventions from the next generation of designers

We’ve curated a list of the next generation of designers, creatives and makers who have innovated and invented meaningful creations in their respective fields.

From 3D-printed chainmail to protect women from sexual assault to furniture designed for solitary dining, young designers are providing interesting solutions to modern problems. Our publication is dedicated to fostering fresh design and artistic talent – and our feature category, called Next Generation, is evidence of this.

Every week, we bring you the world's best young innovators who are designing and creating projects and products that respond meaningfully to contemporary needs and wants. Young makers and creators have used design as a tool to tackle social issues such as sexual assault, clean energy and sex work. Their designs are quirky and intelligent such as Jack Lennie’s downloadable, no weld, motorcycle kit, and Sarah Hutchinson’s Loneeaters Series, a collection of furniture designed for people who eat alone more often than not.