Your Street

Own, love and improve Your Street

Launched in Cape Town in July 2011, Design Indaba's Your Street Challenge is about effecting positive social change in your immediate surroundings and gifting your creative thought-leadership in transforming the city.

Your Street is a project designed to exemplify the changing role of design and encouraging the creative community to be more active in addressing social needs. Aiming to give more stature and acknowledgement to the creative community, it invites creative proposals for how an aspect of a city's street life can be enhanced through the power of design.

The challenge is premised on the following principles of design for social change:


How many people other than you does your design solution effect positively?

International excellence and innovation

Does your design solution stand up to and trump similar world-class ideas?


How do you propose to allocate the R50 000? 


How much pleasure, enjoyment, beauty and smileyness does your design solution inspire?


Can and will the design solution actually be executed?

A better world through creativity

How does your design solution make the world better and further inspire other people to make the world better?

Your Street is a manifestation of Design Indaba’s belief that creativity can enhance the world around us. As such the challenge calls on creative professionals to really walk the talk, wave a creative magic wand and enhance what is right in front of you: Your Street. With the best, most feasible ideas wining the prize money to implement the proposal.

With successful projects in Cape Town, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, Eindhoven in the Netherlands and Risor in Norway, the challenge has literally taken to all streets