Ticket sales to Conference open in November. Simulcast sales open in December. Next event: 21 to 23 February 2018.


Conference 2018 rates


Individual ticket prices

Full Indaba (three-day ticket)  R8 300.00
One-day ticket  R3 220.00
Two-day ticket  R6 440.00
Premium Directory discount (5%)  R7 880.00
*Early Bird(10%)  R7 470.00
Alumni*/Academic*** discount discount (15%)  R7 050.00

Group bookings

Group (5-10) discount (5%)  R7 880.00
Group (11-25) discount (10%)  R7 470.00
Group (26-plus) discount (15%)  R7 050.00


Simulcast 2018 rates


Cape Town

Simulcast: Normal ticket R1 680.00
Simulcast: Student ticket** R1 520.00

Johannesburg & other cities

Simulcast: Normal full ticket R1 080.00
Simulcast: Student full ticket** R 975.00
Simulcast: Student Group full ticket** (groups of 20+ students) R 920.00
Simulcast: One-day ticket R 400.00


View the FAQs and fine print here. You can also download our festival app or sign up to our newsletter for speaker announcements (from December).


Discount Information

*Alumni discount is applicable to delegates who have attended two or more Design Indaba Conferences, excluding the Design Indaba Simulcast.

**Student discount for individual or group tickets is only applicable if the attendee is registered with a valid tertiary education institution. Proof of affiliation will be required upon event registration (see more in FAQs). 

***Academic discount is only applicable if the attendee is registered as an employee with a valid tertiary education institution. Proof of affiliation will be required upon event registration (see more in FAQs)

Early Bird discounts are only applicable from 1 November to 10 December 2017. Alumni, Academic & Designer Directory discounts will be available until Conference ticket sales close or sell out. Tickets are subject to limited availability on a first come, first served basis. Once they sell out, standard rates apply.


BEE claims

 Companies sending employees to the Conference or Simulcast can claim the points under procurement for their BEE scorecard. Design Indaba is a Level 1 BEE company. 


CPD Points for Architects

All professional/registered architects can claim CPD points for Design Indaba Conference under category 3.

Architects can do this by completing and submitting a form, which can be downloaded from the website of the institute with which they are registered. Related documentation as per the downloaded form must accompany the submission.

The event organisers (in this case, Design Indaba) only have to supply applicants with the event programme, an invoice and attendance verification.

Please find more information on sacapsa.com.

Please note that all persons registered by SACAP will be eligible to claim points.


Ticket purchase information

We do not accept American Express (AmEx) cards for ticket purchases. Please attempt an alternative form of card payment, or pay via EFT. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.