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Design Indaba Conference 2005 speakers sing their praises.

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Patrick Burgoyne in a recent feature in London-based magazine, Creative Review, called the Design Indaba the "best design conference to speak at." In polling the stellar cast of 55 designers that presented at the 8th Design Indaba, it would seem that they concur - unanimously.

Michael Bierut

"I truly had a wonderful time.

The people, the presentations, and the sense of optimism and good cheer were all overwhelming.

I know you all bent over backwards to accomodate my crazy schedule. Thank you for that, and please thank everyone at Interactive Africa on my behalf.

Leaving paradise early, especially to return to full-time crisis management in a frozen city, is no fun at all. But as I told many people, half an Indaba is twice as good as a typical design conference. I look forward to returning to you with less on my mind and more time to spend."

Martin Lambie-Nairn

"Thank you for a wonderful few days at the Design Indaba.

Your hospitality can only be described as unsurpassed, as was the chance to rub shoulders with such eminent speakers.

Congratulations on such a splendid event and thank you for including me."

Chip Kidd

"I just wanted to say that I am back in NY and still waking up from the dream of your fabulous city and the conference.

To say thanks so much for including me is scarcely adequate. I realise you don't want to repeat many international speakers, but if you ever want to have me back, consider me an assumed YES!"

Massimo Morozzi

"Here we are. It's very cold and snowing. Penguins will love it. I would suggest an exchange: penguins from Boulders to Milano and me from Milano to Boulders. It should work. In the meantime thank you for the fantastic hospitality.

A lot of friends, a lot of people, a lot of illuminating speeches.

And good wine. Preserve and develop your richness. It is worthy.

Thanks and best greetings again from me and Cristina."

Lynda Relph-Knight

"Thanks for a stunning time in Cape Town.

Your hospitality was, as ever superb and the Design Indaba was outstanding.

I wish I were there now on this damp, grey day in London.

I think it's great that the focus has shifted to broaden out the areas you cover. I also think it's interesting that you seem to have more speakers concerned with social and other issues rather than just showing their work. I'd love to see South African design taking a lead in these areas that we in the West can only copy. You have a much cleaner slate than we do."

Mike Schalit

"Wonderful, smooth 'n slick. Inspirational.

Made me even more proud to be SA. Honoured to be part of a worldbeating event. This has to be the leading design symposium in the world. By far."

Richard Rodriguez

"Congratulations on your glorious Indaba! I was so honoured to be part of it.

I don't think I have ever addressed an audience so alive with optimism."

Daljit Singh

"Thanks for inviting me, I enjoyed your country so much and the Indaba was a great experience - some wonderful friendships formed forever!"

Alison Jackson

"Thank you so so much for inviting me to speak at the indaba.

It was fantastic and such an inspiration. Both from meeting and talking to the other speakers and taking so much from SA . I loved it.

Your team were a wonder, I was constantly in awe of the organisation."

Martin Raymond

"A belated and much felt thanks for asking me to speak at the Indaba. Have been to Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm and Nottingham (!) in the interim so am a bit tired and way behind on my thank yous.

An excellent, insightful and truly useful gathering - for the people, the creativity, but also for the hospitality shown.

Rarely do conferences deliver anything except bad papers, poor speakers, and atrocious coffee. In all areas you excelled, and I very much doubt if any other event of its kind could deliver such a range and calibre of speakers as you managed. You should be justly proud."

Constantin Boym

"Thank you very much for having me at your wonderful gathering in Cape Town.

It all now feels like a dream, specially that last lunch at the wine estate...

Thank you again, and all the best to you and all your friends in Cape Town."

Lorenz Bäumer

"First of all: thank you for a fabulous and incredibly inspiring week.

Meeting all these wonderful people, being in your country,enjoying the hospitality... has been a very rewarding experience!

Everybody has been so helpful...it will be hard to go back to Paris.

I promised to sum up in a few words my experience here if I were a starting jewellery designer I would move to South Africa in a second. Here is why:

- all the natural resources: gold, platinum and diamonds,
- a supporting industry,
- a supporting government,
- a vast local captive market, many visiting tourists,
- a country that has a beautiful, different and interesting image,
- an empty marketplace: no 150 year-old brands to compete against.

Yours very truly and thankfully."

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