Lorenz Bäumer

"My goal is to design jewellery that is so distinctive to the individual, that even if they are not wearing it, one could know who it belongs to".

Lorenz Bäumer's clients come from all over the world and from the moment they step into his salon, on the ultra-chic, Place Vendome in Paris, they know that they are about to embark on a sophisticated journey of inner exploration and luxurious indulgence.

Just gazing around the elegant but understated reception area of his salon, it's obvious that this is no ordinary designer - for his creative expressions are not limited to his exquisite jewellery. Bäumer designed and created all the crystal, bronze, straw and shagreen furnishings that are found throughout his salons and so perfectly showcase his creations. Like his jewellery, his use of colour, materials and textures in the salon's decor are both contemporary and timeless, making each who enters feel welcome, inspired and somewhat in awe.

He has been known to travel across the globe, such as his trip to a small mine in Brazil, where he finally found the perfect imperial topaz for one of his clients. With this type of dedication, it's no wonder that Bäumer is such a highly esteemed figure in the world of fine jewellery.

Bäumer’s talent first came to light in 1988, when he created a crystal earring with Baccarat that is worn without a clip. He went on to launch his own successful line of costume jewellery under the name Lorenz. This initial foray catapulted him into the world of fine jewellery, fulfilling his never-ending desire for perfection.

Bäumer grew up in an environment dedicated to art and the quest for beauty. His mother, a gifted painter on China for some of France's most coveted luxury brands, helped nurture his appreciation of aesthetics. Later, his engineering degree provided him with extensive knowledge of how to employ different shapes and elements to create spectacular pieces of jewellery.