Design Indaba Magazine: Let the games begin!

With the World Cup just a few months away, it seems only fitting that the Design Indaba magazine embraces the anticipation.

With the World Cup only four months away, it seems only fitting that the first quarter edition of Design Indaba magazine embraces the spirit that has gripped the nation. As everyone holds their breath in anticipation, the “Twenty Ten” edition takes a look at how one of the world’s largest sporting events is influencing design.

Before the announcement that South Africa was hosting the soccer World Cup, Gaby de Abreu was a designer with a burning passion for the game. Fever Pitch explores the man behind the FIFA World Cup 2010 logo. Photographer Jessica Hilltout takes us through her lens as she documents the meaning of soccer to the people of Africa in The Beautiful Religion

While the nation simmers under the lid of the approaching kick off, we cannot forget the effects this will have on the nation. Hope 2.0 explores how soccer can play a vital role in the development of this continent through the FIFA 20 Centres for 2010 project. Billions of rands have been spent on stadiums and 1.05 4.40 3.30 2.05 3.40 journeys through each playing field letting you decide what is more important: the money spent or the pride earned.

This edition is certainly playing the game so Design Indaba magazine had their own field created – on the cover. Keeping in theme of the Design Indaba 2010, Jupiter Drawing Room designed a cover highlighting the search for the country’s first creative team through Design Indaba 2010’s “Let It Out” campaign, the winners of which were announced at the Design Indaba Expo.

“We invited South Africans to try out for our country’s first ever creative team, the hosting Superstars,” explains Joanne Thomas, creative director at Jupiter. “Our idea for the magazine cover is to present every reader with their very own playing field on which they can pop-up 11 players and essentially, let the Design Indaba games begin.”

With the recent Design Indaba Conference and Expo, many top international and local creative minds descended on Cape Town to present as well as to engage with other leading minds in the design field. To give a small taste, we feature three of the international speakers: Troika, Marcelo Rosenbaum and founders of website Wooster Collective. Each offers an insight into their impact on the design industry and what it is that design has given them.

Design Indaba Q1:10,"Twenty Ten", is available in selected Woolworths and Exclusive Books stores, as well as Melissas and other outlets, nationwide.

Watch the Talk with Marcelo Rosenbaum