X marks the spot

Xanita designs eco-friendly exhibition stands that add a taste of individual creativity and design.

Xanita has risen to the demand for eco-friendly exhibition materials and has created a green and viable expo stand.

Keeping the environment in mind, the Xanita X-Board is locally made and 100% recyclable. The product is both strong and durable. Being lightweight and crush resistant, the board can fold at a 90-degree angle without breaking or buckling. With its versatility and subjectivity, the X-Board is custom-branded to the specific requirements of each user and can be used multiple times.

“These attributes make Xanita X-Board extremely economical and sustainable in reducing the carbon footprint of a business as well as saving money otherwise spent on labour during lengthy installations or transport of bulky products”, says Xanita director James Beattie.

As all creatives have their unique innovative outlook and personal taste, the X-Board allows designers and exhibitors to customise their stands through shaping and printing to ensure a unique appreciation. From wine racks to banners, the usage of the X-Board holds limitless options and patterns.

The design capacity and possibilities of this product are as endless as your imagination.

Design Indaba 2012 participants used the X-Board to play around with branding. They used it in the form of banners, trees, tables and chairs that further enhanced the creative essence of Design Indaba.

Following the success of the recent Cape Wine 2012 show at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, where 278 exhibition stands were constructed using Xanita’s X-Board, the company has made their mark and successfully followed a creative vision being both green and sustainable.

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