Wire Glasses: Sustainable eyewear made in London and Harare

These John Lennon-style Wire Glasses are made from a single wire in Harare, Zimbabwe on frames that are 3d printed in London.

Inspired by African wire artistry, a practice used on the continent since the sixteenth century by artisans to turn strings of metal into everyday objects, Wire Glasses is a stylish, sustainable eyewear brand based between Zimbabwe, UK and France. The frames are designed by Yair Neumann in London and are handmade by a small team in Harare, Zimbabwe from locally sourced enamel-coated copper wire. 

To create each frame a single piece of wire is coiled around a 3d-printed template. The wires retain a certain amount of malleability and can be tweaked to fit perfectly on the owner's face. The 3d printing process means that no waste is created by or in the manufacturing process. 

English model, actress, entrepreneur and activist Lily Cole is a brand ambassador and was involved in the design process with Neumann to ensure that the brand was as socially conscious and impactful as possible. 

The craftsmen employed in the Wires workshop are able to use their traditional skills to ensure they have a secure job in a contemporary and secure business. 

Wire Glasses Gif

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