What does flatpack furniture have to do with love?

Assisted intimacy: How to build flat-pack furniture and bond with your loved ones.

Design studio Special Projects have put Missing Pages, three fictional user manuals that were designed to bring an element of surprise and delight into the art of flatpack furniture assembling, online in opensource files that anyone can download and enjoy. With a touch of their typical sense of humour, the manuals are a parody of the Ikea-style instructions that come with each item. 

“If building your furniture piece leaves you feeling incomplete why not try these three restorative activities designed to help you cope with the challenges of domestic life,” says the studio’s website. 

STRETCHÏ is a series of basic yoga postures that sooth the aches and pains inflicted during the assembly process. DÜO is a short couples therapy exercise, designed to restore emotional harmony after the assembling of a double bed. Finally, SLEEPÏ is a sensory sculpture that can keep your young children amused in their DIY cot. The manuals celebrate domestic teamwork. 

Special Projects is a design and innovation consultancy founded by creative director and industrial designer Clara Gaggero Westaway and experience designer and magician Adrian Westaway. The studio focusses projects that involve empathy, clarity, magic and experimentation while enhancing the qualitative aspects of life such as wellbeing. 

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