Well dressed

Canadian duo, the Brothers Dressler, repurpose used materials and respectfully transform renewable resources into original furniture.

It is becoming increasingly important to rethink our definitions of waste and value. At the same time, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we shouldn’t enjoy objects that stimulate our minds and comfort our bodies.

Working around this philosophy, the Brothers Dressler create original furniture using salvaged materials, in response to the problems caused by excessive consumption.

The Toronto-based brothers Jason and Lars design and manufacture a variety of pieces including tables, chairs, shelving, beds, lighting and more. It is important to the brothers to use only local, reclaimed, found, ecologically friendly and responsibly harvested materials.

Subscribing to the cradle to cradle philosophy, the Brothers Dressler use as much of the material as possible, with the small amount of waste and cut-offs going towards the manufacture of new products again.