Turning Tydes

The Bouroullec brothers have designed a family of adjustable tables that address the challenges of workspace noise.

Versatile, modern and stylish... introducing the the Tyde table by the Bouroullec Brothers, and a new solution for modern workstations.  

Addressing the challenges of today’s open plan offices, French product designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have developed a modern table that doubles as a workstation and a conference table for Vitra. Called "Tyde", the table is height-adjustable to accommodate both sitting and standing styles of working.

As open-plan offices generally generate a lot of noise, Tyde incorporates special features, which dampen ambient sound. The electric height adjustment motor is especially quiet and concealed under the table, beneath a sound-absorbing cover.

Desks in various sizes can be outfitted to accommodate the required functions and cater for individual requirements. Users can choose from three height adjustment options: an electric motor for stand-up/sit-down tables and a hand manual locking mechanism for seated variations. 

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